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Air Force Recruiting Service, Detachment 1

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Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service, Detachment 1 at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, is a diverse team who inform, influence, and inspire future Airmen to deliver twenty-first century airpower. They identify and inspire potential recruits from across the nation by integrating, synchronizing, and collaborating with internal and external partners.

The Air Force Recruiting Service, Detachment 1 was established in October 2018 to conceive and implement innovative programs supporting Air Force Total Force (active duty, Guard and Reserve) recruiting efforts and is the tactical execution arm of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s Rated Diversity Improvement initiative. 


The mission of AFRS, Det. 1 is to inform, influence, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders through innovative outreach opportunities.

Det. 1 focuses on pre-accession audiences (youth, young adult, and influencers) and works with partners to provide pathways to Air Force officer accession sources such as the U.S. Air Force Academy, Reserve Officer Training Corps, and Officer Training School.

They are a unique organization focused on bringing the future faster by securing the most talented Americans to serve in the 21st century Air Force.  AFRS, Det. 1 integrates partnerships with agencies both inside and outside of the Air Force to synchronize activities  so they can ultimately provide pathways towards accessions across the entire Total Force recruiting enterprise.

AFRS, Det. 1 operates through two main lines of effort.  The first LOE is events and engagements, which includes Inspire Operations (Inspire Ops) and AIM HIGH Outreach, and the second LOE is strategic messaging which capitalizes upon all of those efforts.


Operations are executed through three initiatives; Inspire Operations, AIM HIGH Outreach and the Aviation Inspiration Mentorship team

Inspire Operations are the events and engagements supported by Det. 1 driving the operational tempo.  Inspire Ops introduces the Air Force, its Airmen, its technology, and experiences to the public in order to inform audiences, influence propensity, and inspire the next generation.  The Inspire Ops strategic calendar is coordinated with multiple Air Force entities and they are prioritized based on strategic partners, Total Force needs, demographics of the audience, aviation or STEM connection, resource availability, and messaging opportunities.  Strategic partners include, but are not limited to Women in Aviation International, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association, Latino Pilot Association, Professional Asian Pilot Association, and higher level educational institutions.

AIM HIGH Outreach is an innovative program organic to Det. 1 supporting initiatives across the four Rated Diversity Improvement Initiative LOEs by achieving the following objectives: youth engagement, community outreach, professional development, and networking.  Events are conducted quarterly with the main objective of providing youth orientation flights, introduction to aviation careers, and exposure to Air Force culture.  Events may also include fly-ins, static displays, and tours.  Additionally, AIM HIGH Outreach provides Airmen career-broadening opportunities allowing them to serve as role models, mentors, and Air Force representatives in highly engaging environments.  The program facilitates professional development through networking events, educational opportunities, guest speakers, and senior leader mentorship.  Events are designed to encourage collaboration with Air Force components and Air Force officer accession sources, Junior ROTC, Civil Air Patrol, other strategic partners and local communities.

The Aviation Inspiration Mentorship team is comprised of Air Force rated officers (pilots, combat systems officers, air battle managers, and remotely piloted aircraft pilots).  The team serves as  Rated Diversity Improvement ambassadors providing subject matter expertise and personal experiences for engagements across the Total Force recruiting enterprise. They participate in partially and fully-funded temporary duty in support of Rated Diversity Improvement Initiatives and AFRS activities.  These include: Inspire Ops, AIM HIGH Outreach, air shows, AFROTC professional development, junior ROTC flying programs, Civil Air Patrol flight encampments, and strategic partner events.  While currently the AIM program is aviation focused, the program is tailored to meet future needs of critically manned career fields or to represent desired demographics.

Air Force Career Opportunities

For information about enlisted, officer, and aviation career opportunities, contact a local Air Force recruiter. Recruiter contact information is available by calling 1-800-423-USAF (8723) or by visiting the Recruiter Locator link on the official Air Force recruiting website at www.airforce.com.

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