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Air Force announces TFOT Active Duty 17OT05 board results


A total of 129 men and women from across the Air Force have earned an opportunity to become Air Force leaders following their selection for an officer's commission, officials announced today.

Air Force Recruiting Service officials considered 461 active duty Air Force enlisted applications as part of the Total Force Officer Training school
selection board 17OT05. With the board's selection rate of 28 percent, 129 enlisted members were selected to trade their stripes for gold bars as second lieutenants and serve as U.S. Air Force officers.

As part of the selection process, board members review both objective and subjective factors.

Objectively, the board considers each applicant's academic discipline, grade point average and Air Force Officer Qualifying Test scores.

Subjectively, board members evaluate work experience, accomplishments, adaptability, character, leadership ability and potential for future growth, performance reports, and commanders' recommendations.

Three Air Force Colonels review every application. The selection process is similar to an Air Force officer promotion board. No single factor leads to an individual's selection or non-selection, according to TFOT selection officials.

Candidates selected can expect to attend Total Force Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, in Fiscal 2019.

For more information concerning TFOT and the application process, active-duty members should visit the
Total Force Officer Training website  on the Air Force Portal; civilians should contact their nearest Air Force recruiter.

Active Duty Selects

SrA Chu, Nathan

TSgt Edgecomb, Shawn

TSgt Rivers, Troy

MSgt Rudeseal, Bobby

SSgt Sicurella, Jonathan

SSgt Smith Brown, Quientavis

SSgt Tetter, Anthony

TSgt Timchula, Alexander

TSgt Varden, Keith

SSgt Kirkland, Grace

SSgt Miller, Kyle

TSgt Ajjawi, Casem

SrA Alston, Jamal

SSgt Archuleta, Jasmine

SrA Arnold, Christopher

SSgt Baker, Shawn

SSgt Baking III, Alfredo

SSgt Barajas, Christopher

SSgt Bennett, Jaimie

SrA Blews, Nicole

TSgt Boren, Jesse

SSgt Brown, Isaiah

SSgt Brown, Justyn

SSgt Buhrke, Matthew

SSgt Carmignani, Anthony

SSgt Colon, Edill

SSgt Cornelius, Alec

TSgt Coyle, Michael

TSgt Dahlke, Adam

SSgt D'Angelo, David

SSgt DiCicco, Andrew

SrA Edmund, George

MSgt Erickson, Lucas

TSgt Flacksenburg, Niquoll

SSgt Fraas, William

TSgt Franklin, Luther

SSgt Freeman, Johnathan

A1C Gardner-Black, Aaron

A1C Ghanem, Norma

SSgt Gillispie, John

SrA Gilson, Kamin

SSgt Gordon, Nick

TSgt Griswold, Bryan

SSgt Hale, James

MSgt Hall, Adrian

SSgt Harper, Francisco

SSgt Harvill, Brandon

TSgt Hester, Benjamin

SSgt Hoddy, Danielle

SSgt Holyoak, Michael

SSgt Honeycutt, Kyle

SSgt Humberson, Nathanial

SSgt Humphrey, Tanner

MSgt Jackowski, Henry

TSgt Jacobs, Kevin

SSgt Jakacki, Christopher

SSgt Johnson, Sean

MSgt Joll, Joshua

SSgt Jones, William

SSgt Kusina, Robert

SSgt Landmesser, Steven

TSgt Laube, Ryan

SSgt Law, Harrison

TSgt Littleton, William

TSgt Loftin, Nicholas

MSgt Logue, David

SrA Lopez, Stephen

MSgt Lopez, Marina

TSgt Loy, Derrick

TSgt Macie, Diana

SSgt Mallory, Alexander

MSgt Martin, Ebony

TSgt Marx, Riley

SSgt McAninch, Graham

SSgt Meeks, Brandon

SSgt Mikulan, Jeffrey

TSgt Mitchell, Joseph

SSgt Mitchell, Lauren

TSgt Mitchell, Melvin

TSgt Morath, Aaron

SrA Murphy, Zachary

TSgt Neal, Nathan

TSgt Newberry, Sascha

TSgt Newton, Kristopher

SSgt Nixon, Matthew

SSgt Noland, David

TSgt O'Brien, Matthew

SSgt Odame, Richard

SrA OToole, Martin

MSgt Perez, Malissa

TSgt Platt, Jasper

SSgt Pominski, Jason

TSgt Rainwater, Matthew

SrA Rappuhn, Steven

TSgt Reckling, David

TSgt Regina, Michael

SSgt Rettig, Andrew

TSgt Reuven, Elliot

SSgt Ribble, Bryce

TSgt Ricker, Ashley

TSgt Robertson, Trent

TSgt Rockwood, Jason

TSgt Rucks, Brian

TSgt Ruiz, Valdir

TSgt Russell, Joshua

TSgt Ryan, Zachary

SSgt Salazar, Quintin

TSgt Sams, Octavious

SSgt Sanborn, Nicholas

MSgt Sears, Christopher

MSgt Selonke, Jeffrey

TSgt Sickingers, Shasta

SrA Smith, Michael

MSgt Stover, Buford

SSgt Stranko, Joseph

SSgt Thompson, Victoria

SrA Thompson, Brittany

SSgt Tingley, Nathan

SrA Vera, Thomas

TSgt Walker, Gary

TSgt Warren, Christopher

SSgt Webber, Anthony

TSgt Wilburn, Joseph

SSgt Williams, Brandon

MSgt Williams, Jake

SSgt Wilson, Lauren

SSgt Wint, Oshane

SrA Woodard, Phillip

SSgt Young, Anthony