Operation Blue Suit: Honoring Excellence in Air Force Recruiting

  • Published
  • By Joe Gangemi
  • HQ Air Force Recruiting Service

Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) recently celebrated the exceptional achievements of its top recruiters at Operation Blue Suit, held at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph. This annual event recognizes the dedication and outstanding performance of recruiters who excel in their mission to best find, attract, recruit, and retain the Airmen and Guardians our nation needs to compete, deter, and win in today’s era of strategic competition.

“Our goal is to inspire, engage and recruit the most talented and qualified Americans, encouraging them to join our Air Force and Space Force teams and discover a meaningful way to serve,” said Brig. Gen. Christopher Amrhein, Air Force Recruiting Service commander. “We are proud to honor these women and men who persevered through one of the most challenging recruiting years in AFRS history.”

These 13 Airmen are the best of AFRS’ over 2,100 recruiters located throughout the United States as well as England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

This year’s Operation Blue Suit Winners are:

360 RCG   313 RCS    MSgt Dustin Kincaid

360 RCG   317 RCS    MSgt Randell Gallery

360 RCG   319 RCS    MSgt Joshua Cherry

367 RCG    351 RCS   MSgt Kortney Jones

367 RCG   353 RCS    MSgt Vicki Martin

369 RCG   330 RCS   TSgt Jacob Flanagan

369 RCG   330 RCS   TSgt Carlos Herrera

369 RCG   342 RCS   MSgt Serafin Rosa

369 RCG   342 RCS   MSgt Aaron Shields

369 RCG   330 RCS   MSgt Nicholas Davis

372 RCG   343 RCS   SSgt Nicholas Antonucci

ANG          78 Wing     TSgt Brianna Smith

ANG          105 RCS    TSgt Franklin Angel

The Operation Blue Suit program was initiated in 1979 to stimulate production in critical Air Force recruiting programs during the traditional crunch months of February through May and has been expanded over the years. The program recognizes the best recruiters worldwide for their efforts in recruiting a diverse, high-quality volunteer force to fill career fields critical to the Air Force in accomplishing its missions. Since 1979, Operation Blue Suit has honored the top recruiters in AFRS.

If you are interested in learning more about the Air Force or Space Force, please visit airforce.com or spaceforce.com.