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  • Small town has large impact on local recruiter

    I'm not one to share sentimental messages with my fellow Airmen, but it feels important to share this story about teddy bears, a poem, and a how a small town touched my heart in a big way. A few months ago, I received a phone call from Mayor Charles Kemp of Fairmont, a small town located near the

  • Make it a priority to be safe year round

    As we head full steam into summer, all of us in Air Force Recruiting Service can be extremely proud of the efforts we've put forth this year in meeting our requirements under some very tough circumstances. Both General Vautrinot and I are proud of your tireless work as you continue to find and bring

  • Officer remembers the fallen on Memorial Day

    Soon it will be Memorial Day, and I'll remember. I'll remember Eric. I'll remember how even though I only met him two or three times, his wife was my deputy and I knew him through her eyes. I'll remember that every time she talked about the love of her life, her face would come alive and her

  • Airmen hold important role in Air Force transformation

    "The most important area for transformation is the space between our warfighters' ears," said Gen. Richard B. Myers the Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This month marks the fourth year of our country's involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As an integral part of the war on terrorism,

  • Be a warrior, smile and make tea

    A lot of people today are talking about us, as Airmen, being warriors. I have family in other services and whenever we get together they always seem to tease me about being an Airman, not being a "war fighter." This always makes me smile, because I know the truth. We are not supporting this war, we

  • Daughters give perspective on true meaning of service

    I retired March 1 this year. As part of the obligatory going-away dinner, Lt. Gen. Rod Bishop, 3rd Air Force commander, surprised us all with a letter from my daughters in which they expressed some pretty insightful ideas. I think it's a powerful expression of family support that most families feel

  • Personnel Records Readiness: Are you ready?

    Because change is the one thing you can count on, take time now to review your personnel records to ensure they are ready for whatever is around the next corner. The Air Force Personnel Center is establishing an annual campaign to encourage Airmen to review their records at the beginning of each

  • Time to reconsider 'work hard, play hard' motto

    "Work hard, play hard" -- it's a phrase we've all heard and many Air Force organizations use it as an informal motto. The phrase communicates the notion that we are intensely committed to doing what it takes to get the mission done, but we're not one-dimensional, mission-only people -- we approach

  • New year good time for fresh start

    The gamers among us call it a "reset," while our legal beagles use the term "parole." Our chaplains might preach "the dawn of a new year, bringing with it renewed hope." Regardless of the word choice, most of us see "Auld Lang Syne" as a time to evaluate our past performances and to resolutely