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  • All things happen for a reason

    Most think that we have complete control over what happens next in our world. Life can always throw obstacles at us where we have to adapt and overcome. At times we can feel as if the whole world is about to crumble in front of us.To be able to make the best of these situations is always easier said

  • Slowest of suicides

    I've been slowly killing myself for the past three years. I intentionally inhale toxins that destroy my lungs and heart. I smoke cigarettes.But, I'm quitting -- again.According to the health and wellness center's tobacco cessation class, the average smoker will attempt to quit five to seven times

  • If it isn't you, it's the person next to you

    "Hey sexy... you single?"I turned to see a fellow Airman in training; standing about 5 foot 8 inches tall, dark hair and eyes. Over the next four months, I heard this fellow classmate repeat the same line more than a couple dozen times.It wasn't just me he had an eye for; it was a handful of my new

  • People do care

    EDITOR'S NOTE: September is Suicide Prevention Month. Resiliency is an important Air Force issue -- from the Wingman to top Air Force leaders. It is every Airman's responsibility to watch out for each other. Below is a blog from Julie Weckerlein, an Air Force Reservist who shares her personal story

  • Cost Conscious Culture: doing a little reaps big savings

    Fellow members of the AETC team, thank you for all you do to keep our Air Force and our nation strong. As I travel around our command, I see firsthand how magnificently you are executing our recruit, train and educate missions and I want you to know how proud I am to be on your team.Our ability to

  • Be a great Airman first

    Our command philosophy is one that dates back to the early days of aviation. In 1861, John La Mountain rose to 1,400 feet in a military balloon, informing Maj. Gen. Benjamin Butler that Confederate strength around Hampton, Va,. was weaker than originally thought. This act became known as the first

  • The dos and don'ts of the political season

    With the excitement of the presidential primaries lurking around the corner, there are a few things Airmen must remember during this upcoming political season.When you joined the military or became a federal employee, you did so with the knowledge that this decision came with some sacrifice.Everyone

  • 'Budget fatigue' can lead to holiday debt

    Last night I hopped on the Internet with the intention of buying a few gifts. Money, as always, is tight, so I figured I could go bargain hunting without wasting time or gas.As colorful, enticing images of gift possibilities danced across the screen, I swiftly shot from site to site, half a dozen

  • Happy Holidays

    The winter holidays bring an array of celebrations that highlight the diverse cultures that make our nation great. What unites so many of those festivities is a spirit of thankfulness for the many blessings we share. Teresa and I want to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season and say thank

  • Climbing the Seven Summits

    Step-by-step, we trek up the mountain, our snow shoes biting into the slope. An early spring storm brought three days of fresh snow, turning a hike into a snowshoe ascent. The slope we walk is steep since we are aiming directly for the top, avoiding the slower zig-zags most people take. Even though