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  • Duty: The principle that defines our profession

    Editor's Note: This commentary was written for the Air Force Academy's publication 'Character Connections'.Duty. This single concept is the foundation of the profession of arms. It's the fundamental precept that Airmen will do what they have been entrusted to do in times of peace and peril. Trust is

  • All my pickles are in a big pile

    Recently, we decided as a family to run through the fast food restaurant near our house since it was late and we wanted something quick for dinner. When we got home and everyone was starting to eat, my daughter remarked as she checked her hamburger that all the pickles were in a pile in the center

  • To be stereotyped as an Airman

    When we hear the word stereotype, we tend to attach negative connotations to it. After a conversation I had a few months ago, that word changed for me.In late March, my wife Kelly and I attended a course at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, as part of our preparation for squadron command. The course

  • No pencil eraser for social media mistakes

    In February 2010, Pentagon officials authorized using social networks on unclassified military computers. They believe the benefits of social media outweigh security concerns. However, operational security has always been a military constant and that has not diminished with the advent of social

  • Developing our Future Force

    It has been almost six months since Teresa and I arrived at Air Education and Training Command. Since that time, we have traveled to a number of our AETC bases. Simply put, we are very impressed with the men and women throughout the command executing our mission. The breadth of our responsibility to

  • Are Your Customers VIP’s?

    My recruiting colleagues will tell you that I love combining work and play. As a motorcycle enthusiast I've managed to log thousands of miles between recruiting offices, high schools, and training meetings.On a recent trip to visit a recruiter I stopped by a local dealership to purchase new riding

  • Light It Up Blue!

    I've decided to run my first half-marathon. As race day approaches I become increasingly anxious. Not because I haven't been training or I don't feel prepared. In fact, I'm in the best physical condition that I've ever been in. I'm anxious because I will lose a part of my focus. Initially my goal

  • Lorenz on Leadership - Thank You

    This month I will officially retire and end my time as an active duty Airman in our beloved Air Force. Forty-one years ago I stepped off of a bus at the United States Air Force Academy -- although it feels like only yesterday. Every day since then has been a true joy -- a chance to share adventures

  • Lorenz on Leadership: Leaders come in all sizes

    Earlier this year I wrote an article about our civilian force -- the solid foundation on which our Air Force is so securely postured. Often, it is the continuity our civilian partners provide that so effectively enables our warfighters to project air, space and cyberspace power when called upon.