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  • Voting is another way to serve

    As military men and women, we have a deep commitment to the service of our nation. We've all taken oaths to "support and defend the constitution of the United States." In our Airmen's Creed, we each take our commitment even farther by vowing to "defend my country with my life." It's this type of

  • Uniforms don't make the Airman

    Team, as our Air Force betters itself, we change policy to meet mission needs. The wearing of our "blues" is one of them. You are American Airmen. You are warriors. You have answered your nations call. You get it done every day! It's not the color of the U.S. Air Force uniform you wear that makes

  • I almost didn't go

    I had a lot of work to do, and I almost passed up an invaluable opportunity. It was a three hour event that I had to wake early for, and it claimed a two hour chunk of office time. However, it was also an educational opportunity I had nearly missed. Our command chief e-mailed an open invitation for

  • Flight chief: Airmen can make waves at Chief Petty Officer Academy

    Outstanding leadership shines in each service branch, and when I heard Airmen are invited to refine their senior noncommissioned officer skills at the Chief Petty Officer Academy, I just had to volunteer. A few months later I found myself headed to the Coast Guard Training Center in Petaluma,

  • What you do matters

    Eighteen years ago as a 22-year old two stripe Airman, I loaded up on a C-141 Starlifter and headed out on my first deployment. At the time none of us on that C-141 knew where we were headed, or for how long. What we did know was that a dictator called Saddam Hussein had taken over a small country

  • Lorenz on Leadership -- look into their eyes

    If we want the Air Force to be a family, we must do what a family does: care for one another. At a recent conference for new squadron commanders, a commander's spouse asked me a great question. "What is the one thing we can do to make the most difference for our people?" My answer was simple. It's

  • Hit the track for yourself, fellow Airmen

    Team, the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. I thought of an at-risk recruiter, a senior leader, and ... I got up and ran. Some love to work out and run. I do it to live a longer life and to uphold my expectations of Airmen. But, what gets me up and out each day? I met a recruiter, an Airman, a couple

  • Staying safe in the real world

    It's no secret. We're flying some old airplanes. In fact, aging airplanes continue to consume much of our attention. We are currently replacing the wing boxes on our C-130s, first delivered in 1956. Late last year, we grounded our F-15Cs, first delivered in 1974, after one literally broke apart in

  • Little things add up to big impact

    Despite what I'd like to imagine, I am getting older. With that sobering reality comes the fact that I see more and more of what makes a positive difference when dealing with other people. Throughout my experiences, particularly when I am on the receiving end, I've noticed it all comes down to the

  • I am an American Airman

    When you hear the Airman's Creed, what do the words mean to you? I think about the proud heritage of the Air Force. I think about Gen. Billy Mitchell betting his career on airpower. I think about the Tuskegee Airmen and their struggle to break into a segregated Air Force. I think about Brig. Gen.