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  • AETC commander encourages Airmen to get back to basics

    These are challenging times. If you're keeping up with the news, you're probably as frustrated as I am when you see editorials with titles like, "Clean up the Air Force." While we have important issues such as nuclear accountability that must be addressed, you and I both know that the vast majority

  • Get out of the box

    As my tour here at Joint Base Balad comes to an end, I've looked over the last six months and thought of all the things I've had an opportunity to do and people I've met. I've done things I said I would never do, like fly in a helicopter, and met people I've never expected to meet, like the vice

  • Any drinking means no driving

    After 29 years, it's still as if it happened yesterday. And, memory means a lot at my age. I was 18 years old and driving home on a rainy night. I had my own car; gas was under a dollar; my 8-track tape player was playing, and I was going to see the world at the expense of the Air Force. A set of

  • Notebook: Hope for Today's Youth

    There's no hope for today's youth. Or at least that's what some people would have you believe. They are disrespectful, lazy and no good, some say. And, in some cases, they're right. Overall, though, I disagree. I think today's youth continue to surprise us. I saw that during a trip through the small

  • Birth of a nation

    As we celebrate our nation's 232nd birthday, it's humbling to look back and imagine the difficulties faced by those leaders who were "eyes on" the formation of a new republic. In 1776, the idea of a new world colony gaining independence from the world's most powerful country appeared a bit

  • What kind of supervisor are you?

    As a new first sergeant at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., I was at a staff meeting when a chief, the mission support group superintendent and great personal mentor, gave us a heads-up about a small trash detail requirement to clean up after the Fourth of July fireworks display. As we filed out at

  • I may not believe in God, but I believe in chaplains

    I've never really had much in the way of faith. My dog tags say "agnostic" on them. I don't attend a church, synagogue or mosque. I live my life the best way I know how. I'm not anti-religion; far from it. I have just never felt the need to express my spirituality through worship. There's no shame

  • Deployment changes you in positive ways

    Deployment can be a life changing event. You're away from the ones you love. You meet new people who may someday save your life. You see and do things that you would never experience at home station. The affects of deployment depends on the person. This experience has changed me for the better, even

  • Today's Air Force: 'Builders' ... not 'breakers'

    Ever since I was a kid, I remember fighter pilots using the phrase "break stuff and blow things up" as a way to explain their job. It was considered a short-handed description of the tasks modern Air Forces face: Targeting the enemy's infrastructure while inflicting minimal damage to the civilian

  • Act like you own the place

    The brown root beer can laying on its side was as still as death in front of a car in the parking lot. To me it looked like a huge cancerous growth on the asphalt as I rounded the corner in search of an available spot for my car. This was no ordinary parking lot. It was a barracks parking lot that