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  • Lead different generations of Airmen with appropriate strategies

    During a briefing recently, it became obvious from the follow-on discussion that it can be quite a challenge to lead and motivate different generations of Airmen. It became apparent to me that situations and scenarios that appeared abnormal to one generation could easily be seen as not only normal,

  • Airpower: More than bombs on target

    Right now, outside my tent as I write this, yet another close-air-support mission is thundering into the sky. And right now, there is likely an Air Force joint terminal attack controller, or JTAC, ready in the field to employ that airpower in the fight against the insurgents here in Afghanistan. But

  • Every job is important

    The Air Force team consists of individual Airmen accomplishing a wide array of jobs. On the surface, many of these jobs do not appear to be interrelated, but if you step back and view the big picture, you will find that they are all working toward one common objective. In reality, the big picture

  • You can't quit work until your money goes to work for you

    Isn't it amazing how fast you can spend $50 today? Recently I spent $50 putting gas in my truck and buying two drinks. I dropped another $50 at a sports store for a T-shirt and some shorts. It went quick, and that happens every month. However, did you know that had I invested that $50 each month, in

  • Who is on your team?

    "Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work," said Vince Lombardi, the National Football League Hall of Fame coach for the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins. Today, Airmen are deployed worldwide and many

  • Air Force: Adventure of a lifetime, but not a lifetime adventure

    Wow ... it feels like I just was getting off the bus down at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, back in June 1985. Time sure goes by fast when you are having fun, and bam it hits you -- it's over. Retirement sneaks up on you when you're not looking. For 23 years the Air Force has been an adventure of a

  • KUTGW! Text-savvy Airmen bring new communication skills

    Txtg is a phenom dat is growng lrgr att and we can't say we DKDC cos we will lz a hol gen of Airmen if we do. If you can understand the sentence above, you have a leg up on communicating with the generation of young men and women currently joining the Air Force. Text-message lingo is confusing at

  • Loyalty is integral to everything we do

    To whom do you give your loyalty? What is loyalty and how does it affect you and our Air Force? As I began to contemplate the concept of loyalty, I realized how integral loyalty is to everything we do as Airmen. Loyalty is a multi-faceted virtue that flows both up and down the chain of command as

  • St. Michael and 'service before self'

    I'd like to tell you a story of Staff Sgt. Cesar Flores and how his display of "service before self" on a personal level reached the ears of President Bush. Sergeant Flores is from Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., and deployed to the 586th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron at Camp Bucca, Iraq. On

  • Remember Airmen and their families this holiday season

    The holiday season is a time of celebration, giving thanks, family gatherings and anticipation of a visit by that jolly ol' elf. At our many deployed locations around the world, we have chaplains, first sergeants and services professionals doing everything possible to bring good cheer and