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  • Air Force Reserve recruiters take enlistments online

    HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah – (Pictured) Capt. Vallaree McArthur conducts a virtual enlistment ceremony via Skype for Brendan Frazer, who recently signed up to serve as a Cyber Warfare Journeyman.419th Fighter Wing recruiters are now doing virtual enlistments when necessary due to COVID-19 and the

  • 300 rated officers to join a Total Force Aviation Recruiting Team

    The Air Force Base 30 minutes from his hometown was thought of as a place his family could watch high-flying entertainment during an airshow, never as a place someone like him could pilot one of the fighter jets soaring overhead.“I never saw anyone that looked like me piloting an aircraft before I

  • Armed Forces Bowl showcases U.S. Air Force

    The Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl is highlighted by the U.S. Air Force as the lead branch in this year's halftime show as 10th Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Brian Borgen leads 125 recruits in the oath of enlistment.

  • Air Force Recruiting creates classic association

    Air Force Recruiting Service reached a major milestone Oct. 1 when AFRS and Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service formed a classic associate partnership to bolster effectiveness and combine strategies.As part of the association, AFRC Recruiting Service will align its four recruiting squadrons

  • Graduation gowns to Air Force blues

    After being in the military for some time, you start seeing familiar faces in places you least expect them. On a deployment, you may run into someone who you went to technical training with; the newest member of your shop may have cross-trained since you were stationed across base from each other at