Air Force Recruiting Service, Detachment 1

The Air Force Recruiting Service, Detachment 1 was established in October 2018 to implement innovative programs supporting U.S. Air Force Total Force (Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve) recruiting efforts and is the tactical execution arm of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s Rated Diversity Improvement initiative. 


The mission of Det 1 is to inform, influence, and inspire the next generation of diverse aviators and leaders for the U.S. Air Force.

Det 1 focuses on pre-accession audiences (youth and young adult) and works with partners to provide pathways to the officer accession sources (U.S. Air Force Academy, Reserve Officer Training Corps, and Officer Training School).

Det 1’s vision is to rejuvenate and energize childhood ambitions for careers in aviation, enhancing favorable awareness across all communities for the Air Force. They are a unique organization focused on bringing the future faster by securing the most talented Americans to serve in the 21st century Air Force. Det 1 integrates partnerships with agencies both inside and outside of the Air Force to synchronize activities so they can provide pathways towards accessions across the entire Total Force recruiting enterprise.


Operations are executed through five initiatives; Inspire Operations, Aviation Inspiration Mentorship (AIM) Wings, AIM HIGH Flight Academy, General Officer (GO) Inspire, and Marketing.

Inspire Operations are the events and engagements supported by Det 1 driving the operational tempo. This program utilizes events and engagements such as zone blitzes, school visits, inspiration flights, and career fairs, to introduce the Air Force, its Airmen, technologies, and experiences to a wider audience through leveraging strategic partnerships, and data-driven approaches.

The Aviation Inspiration Mentorship Wings Program was established to enhance the AIM program goal of bolstering the Rated Diversity Improvement (RDI) Strategy by decentralizing the execution of underrepresented and unaffiliated youth outreach engagements and events. Events are planned and executed across the country by each flying wing, tailoring the nature and needs of the event to their local communities. This program is foundational to enhance our Total Force Rated Officers’ capabilities as role models, mentors, and representatives.

The AIM HIGH Flight Academy is a two to three-week introductory flight academy scholarship providing hands on experience pilot training to high school students at no cost. The addition of Air Force mentors ensures awareness of opportunities and pathways to continue their newly acquired passion through scholarships and complementary flying programs. The flight academy takes place across the country at various colleges and universities through Educational Service Agreements.

The Department of the Air Force General Officer (GO) Inspire Program connects General Officers with AFRS recruiters to foster relationships with leaders in communities where recruitment is challenging. This strategy can be effective in shifting culture and encouraging interest among youth once senior leaders engage with influencers.

The Marketing and Strategic Communications programs enhance digital presence and communicate events with the community. They employ digital platforms organically to reach a broader audience with industry standard marketing techniques. Current content attracts a targeted audience through story telling with educational and informative messaging, piloting favorability and relevance.

Air Force Career Opportunities

For information about enlisted, officer, or aviation career opportunities, contact a local Air Force recruiter. Recruiters contact information is available by calling 1-800-423-USAF (8723) or by visiting the Recruiter Locator link on the official Air Force recruiting website at