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Col. Sean McKenna, Chief of Plans & Resources
Col. Layne Trosper, Chief of Operations
Mr. Barry Dickey, Chief of Marketing
Mr. James L. Herrick, Chief of Information Systems


Lt. Col. Heath J. Kerns, Commander, 330th Recruiting Squadron

360th RCG

360th Recruiting Group
Col. Timothy Goodroe

311th Recruiting Squadron 
Lt. Col. Nathan Boardman

313th Recruiting Squadron 
Lt. Col. Christopher W. Yengo

314th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. William P. Dyer

317th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Janelle T.H. Jackson

318th Recruiting Squadron (Health Professions)
Lt. Col. Kimberly Barr

319th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Melvin Baylon

337th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Kelly McElveny

338th Recruiting Squadron
Maj. Heather Carson

339th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. William McLaughlin

369th RCG

369th Recruiting Group
Col. Tiaa E. Henderson

331st Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Grant Fowler

332nd Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Michael Kovalchek

333rd Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Stewart L. Rountree

336th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. John Eck

341st Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Nora De Los Rios

342nd Recruiting Squadron (Health Professions)

Lt. Col. Adam B. Klemens

344th Recruiting Squadron

Lt. Col. Jacqueline Sartori

345th Recruiting Squadron

Lt. Col. Steven Baryza

349th Recruiting Squadron

Lt. Col. Kurt Umlauf

372nd RCG

372nd Recruiting Group
Col. Jason C. Scott

343rd Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Janelle Koch

347th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Russell Klawitter

348th Recruiting Squadron (Health Professions)
Lt. Col. Francisco A. Flores

361st Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Beth C. Lane

362nd Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Michael Graff

364th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Richard Laca

367th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Jeremy Farlaino

368th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Jason Haney

369th Recruiting Squadron
Lt. Col. Maeli A. Allison

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Cyber Systems Operations specialists design, install and support the United States Air Force systems to ensure they operate properly and remain secure from outside intrusion. Join us LIVE tomorrow at 4 p.m. CT to learn more about Cyber Systems Operations and to ask SSgt Jayson Brown and AB Destiny Logan your questions. Air Forces Cyber RSVP here: http://spr.ly/6186EeFbw
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Do you have questions about becoming an Air Force Cyber Systems Operations specialist? We’re talking to instructor SSgt Jayson Brown and student AB Destiny Logan LIVE about pursuing a career in Cyber Systems Operations on Wednesday 4/24 at 4 p.m. CT. Air Forces Cyber http://spr.ly/6183EeJp9
ASVAB Practice Question: 100° C is equal to A. 32° F. B. 100° F. C. 200° F. D. 212° F.
An Airman is a person of integrity, courage, and conviction. We’re here to answer your questions about becoming an Airman in the world’s preeminent Air Force. http://spr.ly/6186EjFVs
If a Special Ops team finds themselves in the middle of an intense ground operation, Special Missions Aviation Airmen will be overhead providing close-air support. Experience what it’s like to lay down suppressive fire with a .50 caliber machine gun out of the back of a CV-22 Osprey. USAF Special Operations Recruiting http://spr.ly/6182Ejd8E
AFOQT Practice: If a car uses 1.5 gallons of gas every 30 miles, how many miles can be driven with 6 gallons of gas? A. 100 B. 110 C. 120 D. 130
Cryptologic Language Analyst mission: decipher every message. These specialists translate and analyze intelligence from around the world. http://spr.ly/6186EjbrE
Today we remember a true hero – Lt. Col. Richard Cole, the last of the WWII Doolittle Raiders and co-pilot to Jimmy Doolittle. Along with 80 other Army Air Force Aviators, Lt. Col. Cole participated in the daring aerial raid on Japan shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Unless you grew up in a military family it’s hard to know what life is like in the Air Force. Joining is a life changing decision, so we’re here to answer all your questions.
We remember them as the ones we loved. We remember them as heroes. Join us in saluting our fallen Airmen and their Gold Star families.
ASVAB Practice Question: In a closed electrical circuit current flows from A. high to low resistance B. positive to negative potentials C. negative to positive potentials D. high to low amps
Operations Intelligence mission: turn data into intel. These specialists play a critical role in ensuring Airmen have the intelligence they need to remain safe and successfully complete their missions. http://spr.ly/6188EbOPq
What steps do you need to take to get your Air Force career started? We’re here to help. http://spr.ly/6180EbO3j
How do pararescuemen prepare for their physically challenging missions? A very strong fitness regimen. Comment below with your PT questions.
Nellis Air Force Base's solar array provides 100% of the base’s energy needs during daylight hours.
We need people who can do this. Are you one of them? http://spr.ly/6004Ew4Xq
We salute the medical professionals that keep United States Air Force Airmen healthy and battle-ready.
Thanks to the advancement of Aircrew Eye/Respiratory Protection Equipment, aircrews can fly and execute their mission under any real-world chemical scenario. http://spr.ly/6182EZxxs
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