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  • New AFRS Chief is here for you

    When a 26-year-veteran Airman was asked to lead the more than 2,400 Airmen behind all of the Air Force’s enlisted accessions and a variety of officer accession programs, she welcomed it with enthusiasm. “I truly believe this is the most important job in the Air Force,” said Chief Master Sgt. Sonia Lee who moved into the AFRS Command Chief office
  • Det 1 Attends Fourth Annual Girls in Aviation Day

    Detachment 1, the newest addition to Air Force Recruiting Service, recently attended the fourth anniversary of Girls in Aviation Day at Stinson Municipal Airport.Girls in Aviation Day is a worldwide event that is hosted by Women in Aviation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in aviation career
  • One Air Force: AF Youth Engagement Synchronization Workshop

    Louisville, KY. — For the first time, members from the Aircrew Crisis Task Force and Air Force Recruiting Service hosted the Air Force Youth Engagement Synchronization Workshop with key representatives from the Air Force commissioning sources and pre-accessioning youth programs, Nov. 7-8. "Working together to engage, recruit, and inspire as 'One
  • BMT curriculum changes focused on inspiring, developing Airmen

    After listening to feedback from the field, a few changes to the Air Force Basic Military Training curriculum will transform trainees into more combat ready Airmen.
  • Kadena AB introduces their recruiter

    The mission of the Air Force recruiter is to recruit quality men and women with the right skills, at the right time, in the right numbers to sustain the combat capability and mission readiness of the United States Air Force.Tech. Sgt. Johnathon Rice, 369th Recruiting Squadron Kadena Recruiter, has been an Air Force recruiter for the past eight
  • Special Warfare Training Wing activates at JBSA-Lackland

    The mission of the new Special Warfare Training Wing is to select, train, equip, and mentor Airmen to conduct global combat operations in contested, denied, operationally limited, and permissive environments under any environmental conditions. Kirtland's U.S. Air Force Pararescue School, more recently known as the 351st Battlefield Airmen Training Squadron, falls under the new wing and has been re-designated the 351st Special Warfare Training Squadron. The 351st SWTS is responsible for entry-level training for all Air Force Pararescuemen and Combat Rescue Officers.
  • Intelligence, recruiting Airmen participate in Fleet Week

    Airmen from the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing, 317th Recruiting Squadron and Air Force Recruiting Services attended Fleet Week Baltimore to meet and talk with the local community October 6, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. These Airmen were given a chance to speak with the local community about their experiences and careers as Airmen throughout the week. Fleet Week Baltimore also gave Maryland residents an opportunity to meet and learn about U.S. maritime capabilities of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, along with promoting community growth and interaction with all services.
  • Vice commander discusses technological advancements, future ISR requirements

    Brig. Gen. Marty “Moose” Reynolds, vice commander, Twenty-Fifth Air Force, thanked attendees at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) September luncheon for their continued support and dedication to educating San Antonio youth and for being ambassadors of service.
  • NASCAR driver visit highlights human performance research at Air Force Research Laboratory

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – Airmen in the United States Air Force often encounter extreme physical demands in the performance of their duties and must be in peak physical shape to meet mission requirements.In much the same way, NASCAR drivers also must maintain top physical condition and demonstrate long periods of endurance during
  • From immigrant to Airman

    Since his youth in an East-Central African nation with a turbulent history of genocide, one Airman dreamed of becoming a leader. Only two years after enlisting, Senior Airman Karl Mutangana, 96th Logistics Readiness Squadron, deployed for his new country as an Airman in United States Air Force.

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What career path is right for you? Use the Air Force Work Interest Navigator to match your strengths with potential career fields. http://spr.ly/6185DqXC7
Welcome home, Sgt Condiff. ❤️ Thank you for demonstrating what it means to be an Air Force Special Tactics Operator. Since 9/11, Special Tactics Airmen have been involved in almost every major operation and have seen a significant amount of combat. As the Air Force’s special operations ground force, these Airmen lead Global Access, Precision Strike, Personnel Recovery and Battlefield Surgery operations on the battlefield. #AimHigh http://spr.ly/6006DqX04 United States Air Force Air Force Special Operations Command Air Force Special Tactics
On Friday, United States Air Force released new dress regulations that will allow female airmen to wear their hair in locs and male airmen to wear earrings when in civilian attire and off-duty. Read more about the revised regs here: http://spr.ly/6009DqO5R
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." – Eleanor Roosevelt
Ensuring the safety of our Airmen is a top priority. Check out how the 10-mile long Holloman High Speed Test Track allows the United States Air Force to test ejection seats in a variety of environments with countless variables.
If you had to do it over, would you still join? These Airmen talk about how United States Air Force changed their lives. http://spr.ly/6186DoIME
Being an Airman means being ready for whatever strikes. For Health Innovation Month, we're highlighting one of the innovative ways United States Air Force protects and advances the health and welfare of both Airmen and civilians.
ASVAB Practice Question: Which of the following is a prime number? A. 27 B. 9 C. 2 D. 12
Combat Control Mission: Provide command and control and direct air traffic from remote and sometimes hostile areas and aid in humanitarian crises. http://spr.ly/6184DoIzO USAF Special Operations Recruiting
For today's live chat, we're talking about Basic Military Training. Ask your questions below in the comments. http://spr.ly/6186DoIKy
Heading into the week like...
Find a job you love as much as Captain Susan Finch loves being a C-17 Pilot. With over 200 career paths, United States Air Force offers opportunities as unique as each Airman. http://spr.ly/6188DWYo2
With the help of Air Force sponsored NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, this weekend we launched the #AirForceHangar, our newest interactive experience that highlights United States Air Force Maintainers. These flight-line warriors inspect, maintain and repair the most advanced aircraft in the world. More info: http://spr.ly/6006Doilr
How does the United States Air Force prepare for combat search and rescue missions when the real world experiences become less frequent? Red Flag Rescue – a spin-off of the legendary Red Flag fighter pilot exercise. http://spr.ly/6182DWYcr
Aircraft Hydraulic Systems Mission: Ensure every part of Air Force aircraft are in perfect working order by maintaining fluid-, air- or gas-pressured devices on the aircraft. http://spr.ly/6182DW3Zo
"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved." – Franklin D. Roosevelt We salute the armed forces who dedicate their lives to our country's freedom. Happy Independence Day!
Are there weight requirements for joining? How will physical fitness be measured? Ask your questions at our weekly live chat, happening now. More info here: http://spr.ly/6182DWMYg
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#ASVAB Practice: Ultraviolet most nearly means
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