We Are All Recruiters (WEAR)

Recruiting Mission
Air Education and Training Command's mission begins with Air Force Recruiting Service at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. AFRS is comprised of three regional groups and 27 squadrons. Air Force recruiters are assigned throughout the United States, England, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico and Guam.



The AFRS mission is to inspire, engage and recruit future Airmen to deliver airpower for America. Emphasis is on recruiting men and women, ages 17 to 39 years old, without prior military service for enlisted duty. America's Air Force also needs highly qualified doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers and people qualified for special operations, such as pararescue and combat control.

WEAR Overview




The We Are All Recruiters program may grant individuals permissive TDY status if they participate in an event that directly enhances the recruiting mission. All Airmen, regardless of their Air Force Specialty, are recruiters.

WEAR Events



A WEAR event is an event where the interaction of Air Force personnel educates and increases public awareness of the Air Force and could potentially provide numerous leads for recruiters. Approval for WEAR is limited to those events where Airmen are directly speaking to potential applicants or influencers about Air Force opportunities. Applicants are defined as individuals within the 17- to 39-year-old range; and influencers are defined as parents, community leaders, teachers, counselors, coaches, etc.


WEAR events are approved on an individual basis. For those events where multiple Airmen are attending, each attendee must submit a completed form for approval. WEAR requests must be first approved by the individual's commander in accordance with AFI 36-3003. Members may receive up to 14 days permissive TDY to attend a WEAR event. Requests are then routed and sanctioned through the AFRS Public Affairs Office to the AFRS commander. The AFRS commander is the approval authority for all WEAR packages. Additionally, the AFRS commander may limit the number of Air Force personnel approved to participate in any one event through the WEAR program.

Submitting WEAR Requests
Complete Blocks I-IV on the WEAR form and submit it to the AFRS/PA office at afrshqpa@us.af.mil. The package will be reviewed by AFRS/PA and forwarded to the AFRS commander for approval/disapproval. Submissions require a minimum of 10 business days to process. Approved requests will be returned to the individual with the signature of the AFRS commander or his/her designated representative. NOTE: Please submit the WEAR form with electronic signatures; do not send scanned forms.

Reminder: Submissions require a minimum of 10 business days to process.