HOT!! AFCEP email requests are no longer needed for 24OTS02 nor 24OTS03. Interested applicants will use the appropriate Aim High links below to request AFCEP access (CAC required). Ensure you use the Aim High link and input your data (to include the CC Memo) during the AFCEP request window (NLT the last day of the window: 4MAR2024 for 24OTS02 and 22APR2024 for 24OTS03). AFRS will grant AFCEP access within three duty days of the AFCEP Request Window closing. AFCEP access email will come to your personal email address. Applicants will then use attachment 16 from the AD Program Announcement to upload the completed application via AFCEP NLT the application cutoff date (reference current board schedule for all dates). – 24OTS03 (Link open 15-22APR2024) – AFCEP/board access will not be granted after COB 22APR2024.

HOT! HQ Air Force Recruiting Service is now conducting rolling CAD boards for the following AFSC's to be selected and ship to OTS in FY24: 15W1 (Tier 1 degrees only), 32EXE, 32EXF, 32EXG, 32EXJ and 62EXE, - Ensure the degree qualifies for the position(s) listed on the application by using the current AFOCD Appendix A. Applicants will need to have the qualifying degree conferred NLT May 1, 2024. 
Please email the Line Officer Accessions Org box with Subject line: 
CAD AFCEP Request and add AFSCs you want to apply for in the subject line.

 HOT! New AD Air Force OTS Program Announcement CAO 11MAR2024 is mandatory to use for all AD USAF OTS Board applicants. 
 HOT! New FY24 AD Space Force OTS PA CAO 28 NOV 23


NEWS Constructive Service Credit now offered to applicants for two Space Force career fields 

FY 16 TO YTD AFRS LO Board GPA, AFOQT and PCSM Averages

FY 21 TO YTD Space Force LO Board GPA, AFOQT and Select Averages

HOT!  For all USSF boards, DO NOT email the AFRS USAF (RSOCL) org box. Only email the USSF org box for all Space Force documentation and questions. 


FY23 Air Force LO Board Schedule

FY24 Air Force LO Board Schedule

FY24 Space Force LO Board Schedule

FY23 OTS Course Schedule

AFRS LO Board GPA, AFOQT and PCSM Averages

Note: USAF and USSF - AFCEP access requests will only be accepted during the AFCEP request window provided on the current board schedule for the branch you are applying. AFCEP requests are processed manually after the AFCEP request window ends and the AFCEP link will be sent to your civilian email address. Please allow 1 week post AFCEP Request Window closure to receive AFCEP link.

Officer Process

Find your path. There are four ways to join the Air Force as an officer. While each way differs slightly, they all ultimately allow you to begin your career as a leader.

AFRS Career Chat: Becoming an Officer

Post-selection Instructions

Active Duty Post Selection Instructions COA 25 September 2023

Active Duty Post Selection Instructions (SPACE FORCE OTS APPLICANTS) COA 27 October 2023

​Please use the attached Active Duty Post-Selection Instructions to identify your next steps in the process. In the attachment, you will find the Active Duty Post-Selection Form, the PRP packet needed for specific AFSCs - complete with form instructions, and the Base Choices List also needed for specific AFSCs. There is plenty of additional information available too, so please be sure to read the document in its entirety.

Need more information?

An Air Force officer standing on a flight line with aircraft parked behind him.


For All Air Force questions, contact Line Officer Accessions (AFRS/RSOCL).
DSN: 665-0340
Comm: (210) 565-0340

For All Space Force questions contact Space Force Recruiting (AFRS/RSOS)
DSN: 665-0530
Comm: (210) 565-0530

Email all questions and application submissions to the appropriate org box for the military service in which you are applying for. Emails sent to the incorrect org box may result in non-receipt of questions and applications submitted for USAF or USSF board consideration.


Officer Training School Information