Air Force adds more jobs to initial enlistment bonus list

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The Air Force added more opportunities for future Airmen to receive bonuses upon entering active duty in fiscal 2022.

Seven maintenance-related skills, each with four or six-year contracts, were added to the FY22 Initial Enlistment Bonus program July 11, 2022. Bonuses will be offered through Sept. 30, 2022.

This brings the total number of Air Force Specialty bonuses to 22.

“Our Air Force value proposition is about far more than pay or compensation. It's primarily about opportunity, and joining a community with an unmatched sense of purpose. But in a highly-competitive labor market enlistment incentives can help ensure we get the additional Airmen required to fill our ranks and serve the nation. Today, that job market is at record-high levels of competition and it's a battle for talent," said Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas, Air Force Recruiting Service commander.

Another incentive that may help recruiters fill short-notice gaps is a quick-ship bonus which began in April. Quick Ship is when an already fully-qualified applicant fills a short-notice Basic Military Training vacancy, and ships within five days or less.

More than 179 bonuses have been paid to new recruits who entered active duty within a few days of signing their contract. Any member who enters active duty with one of the quick-ship career fields may be eligible to receive an $8,000 bonus.

Special Warfare recruits are eligible for up to $50,000 upon entering active duty.

Certain cyber career fields have bonus pay amounts that are based on an applicant’s highest level of certification, giving the applicant an opportunity to receive up to $20,000.

Recruiting incentives give recruiters additional support and tools to use as they press through all the challenges associated with reaching the Air Force’s FY22 accessions goals. Those challenges include a low youth inclination to join, a national labor shortage and the aggregate effects of recruiting with reduced face to face contact since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020.

The following is the complete IEB list effective July 11, 2022:

AFSC AFSC Name 6-year Bonus 4-year Bonus
1A8X1 Airborne Linguist $20,000 Not Applicable
1D731A Network Operations $12,000-$20,000
See Notes in Para 3b
Not Applicable
1D731B Systems Operations $12,000-$20,000
See Notes in Para 3b
Not Applicable
1D731D Security Operations

See Notes in Para 3b

Not Applicable
1D731E Client Systems Operations $12,000-$20,000
​See Notes in Para 3b
Not Applicable
1D731R Radio Frequency Transmission Systems $6,000 $3,000
1N3XX Crypto Linguist $18,000 Not Applicable
1T0X1 SERE $40,000 Not Applicable
2A534 Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance $6,000 $3,000
2A632 Aerospace Ground Equipment $6,000 $3,000
2A634 Aircraft Fuel Systems $6,000 $3,000
2A636 Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems $6,000 $3,000
2F031 Fuels $6,000 $3,000
2M031 Missile & Space Systems Electronic Maintenance $6,000 $3,000
2M032 Missile & Space Systems Maintenance $6,000 $3,000
2M033 Missile & Space Facilities $6,000 $3,000
2T331 Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance $6,000 $3,000
2W031 Munitions Systems $6,000 $3,000
2W131 Aircraft Armament Systems $6,000 3,000
3E8X1 EOD $50,000 Not Applicable
9T500 Special Warfare Operator Enlistment $50,000 Not Applicable
9TE/MAI Any Mechanical or Electrical Aptitude Area $6,000 $3,000


Any AFSC $8,000 $8,000


**NOTE: For Cyber career fields starting with “3D” above any Level I Certification (A+, Network+) qualifies for $12,000. Any Level II Certification (CCNA-Security, CAP, GSLC, Security+, CSSLP, GSEC) or Any CNDSP Certification (CISM, CISA, GCIH, GCIA, CEH, SSCP, CSIH, GCFA, GSNA) qualifies for $15,000. Any Level III Certification (CISSP, CASP, GCED) qualifies for $20,000. Certifications can be verified at:

"It's really all about national security and combat readiness," Thomas said. "Every Airman we recruit and train is slated to fill a critical job ensuring we remain the best Air Force in the world."

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