482d Fighter Wing shines at 367 RCG Awards with triple honors

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Lionel Castellano
  • 482d Fighter Wing Public Affairs

In a stunning display of excellence, the 482d Fighter Wing claimed significant honors at the prestigious 367th Recruiting Group (RCG) Awards. These awards recognize the exceptional efforts and achievements in various categories in Air Force Reserve Command.

The wing's team demonstrated outstanding performance across multiple aspects of recruitment and support, making it a memorable event for personnel at Homestead Air Reserve Base (HARB).

The wing won the Top Wing Award, a significant accomplishment that reflects their exceptional teamwork and dedication to recruitment excellence.

Senior Master Sgt. Chase K. Kaiuwailani, who has extensive experience in recruiting, praised the wing's comprehensive efforts.

"The collective efforts ultimately help Homestead drive towards AFRC initiatives while working as a cohesive unit,” he said. “The 482d Fighter Wing is by far one of the best wings I have worked with in my 13 years of recruiting."

Highlighting a remarkable achievement, HARB was recognized as the Most Improved Flight, with an impressive 83% increase in recruitments in Fiscal Year 2023. This award underscores the synergy between the wing's support and the recruiting team's efforts.

Kaiuwailani emphasized the significant role of the fighter wing in this success, expressing aspirations to continue this excellence in future years.

Mr. Juan Jauregui received the Top Admin Award, which recognized his administrative role during critical manning shortages at HARB, Patrick Space Force Base and MacDill Air force Base flights. His contributions were instrumental in enabling the teams to enhance their recruitment numbers and overall flight productivity significantly.

The wing’s Military Personnel Flight also played a pivotal role to streamline recruitment by processing significant actions and opening key positions.

Master Sgt. Norberto Lopez of the Development and Training Flight took charge of new Airman trainees and organized motivational engagements that were instrumental in achieving high success rates in basic military training.

Master Sgt. Lashamia Brown, acting as the Wing Talent Management Consultant, skillfully managed the retention program, reducing loss rates and retaining more qualified airmen.

Complementing these efforts, Col. Joshua Padgett, 482d Wing Commander, took a proactive approach to community outreach and support significantly bolstering the recruiting environment.

These collective contributions highlight the 482d Fighter Wing's commitment to excellence and underscore its vital role in enhancing AFRC's recruitment and retention initiatives and solidifying its status as a standout team at the RCG Awards.