Twins Take on Aim High Flight Academy

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  • By Staff Sgt. Alexis Suarez
  • Air Force Recruiting Services Det 1

Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) Detachment 1 partners with colleges and universities across the nation to annually host high school students for a three-week introductory flight program called Aim High Flight Academy (AHFA).

AHFA is an aviation scholarship for students who meet these requirements: Be at least 16 years old by 1 June 2025, be enrolled in high school or a graduating senior, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and have no more than 5 powered flight hours.

Morgan and Montana Montayre, twin sisters from Pasco County, Fla. attended AHFA in the summer of 2023 at South Dakota State University at the age of 16.

“At Aim High Flight Academy, I not only learned the basics of flight, but also the paths you can take to become a pilot,” said Morgan Montayre, Junior at Wendell Technical High School. “I learned about the Air Force and was able to get experience in a college setting.”

“I was selected with my sister which made the experience that much better,” said Montana. “We met so many people and made new friendships but being able to turn to family and have that support was amazing, Morgan and I would study together and still to this day talk about the great time we had and look forward to what the future holds for us in aviation.”

During the three-week program students receive up to 15 flight hours, housing and meals during training, transportation to and from training location, classroom training (ground school), flight simulator training, access to university recreation facilities, and mentorship from Air Force aviators. All training is provided by FAA Certified Flight Instructors and is funded by the United States Air Force.

“Being around these mentors has taught me leadership and networking, I met people from across the country and mentors with invaluable experience in the aviation field,” said Morgan. “It has prepared me for the future; learning all the paths I can take to achieve my goals in the aviation field.”

"I plan to join the Air Force reserves and go to flight school, before I went to AHFA I wanted to be in the medical field and aviation and wished I could do both," said Montana. "The field trips and mentors at AHFA showed me that my dream can be a reality."

The mission of the AHFA is to inform, influence, and inspire the next generation of aviators and leaders. After completion of the AHFA, students will understand the pathways to become an Air Force officer, aviator, along with flight hours.

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