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353rd Recruiting Squadron

The 353d Recruiting Squadron, commanded by Lt. Col. Harold A. Tongson, is one of the four recruiting squadrons, within the 367th Recruiting Group, that is responsible for inspiring, engaging, and recruiting future Airmen and to deliver airpower for America. The 353rd RCS includes 107 military and civilian personnel, 66 recruiting offices, 10 Military Entrance Processing Stations and has an area of operation that is the entire West Coast, which includes Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and portions of Texas, Wyoming, and Montana. Additionally, the 353d RCS is responsible for Reserve recruiting efforts in the Pacific (Anderson Air Force Base, Guam, Kadena Air Base, Japan, Yokota AB, Japan, and Osan AB, South Korea). 

The 353d RCS is headquartered at March Air Reserve Base, California.

353d Recruiting Squadron
14560 2nd Street, Bldg 2641
March Air Reserve Base, CA 92518
Phone: (951)655-4410 

(951) 655-7341  

(951) 655-3883 

Recruiter Assistance Program Monitor
(951) 655-7341

(Current as of October 2022)