367th Recruiting Group

The 367th Recruiting Group, commanded by Col. Michelle M. Coumbs, is the distinguished Air Force Reserve Recruiting Group responsible for inspiring, engaging, and recruiting future Airmen to deliver airpower for America. The 367th Recruiting Group is one of four recruiting groups aligned under the Air Force Recruiting Service’s Total Force recruiting initiative and includes 64 Military Entrance Processing Stations, 46 military and 14 civilian personnel with 426 field personnel comprised over four recruiting squadrons (350 RCS, 351 RCS, 352 RCS and 353 RCS) and is responsible for a 3.8 million square mile area of operation across the United States. Additionally, the 367 RCG covers an overseas area of operation of more than 570,000 square miles of territory across Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. 

The 367th Recruiting Group is headquartered at Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, Georgia. 

367th Recruiting Group 
180 Page Road 
Bldg. 208 
Robins AFB, Ga. 31098 

(478) 327-0130  
DSN: 497-0130

Talk to an Advisor 
(800) 257-1212 

(478) 327-1781 

(Current as of May 2024)

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